• Issuing all necessary documents:
      o Medical letter;
      o Medical bill.
• Appointment management;
• Pacient Management;
• Reminder for future consults for both medic and pacient;
• 24 hour reminder for both medic and pacient;
• Generating reports and statistics;
• Generarting invoices for consultations;
• Complete pacient history.


• Creating extensive pacient file.
• Creating a step by step consultation program where each pacient is authentificated by ID serie and/or number.
• After carrying out the consultation, the application automatically generates a recipe that can be customized by adding and / or replacing medication;
• Generating a medical letter and scheduling a follow-up consultation.


• The issuance of all documents relating to a consultation is reduced to less than 1 minute;
• Generate all documents without additional efforts;
• All the pacient data falls under the medics supervision.
• The application access is conditioned by internet conectivity.
• Easy financial situation;
• Reminders about planning and consultation, leading to the elimination of temporary syncope.

  • Evidenta-Pacienti
  • Programare-Consultatii
  • Rapoarte
  • Scrisoare-medicala
  • consultatie