About us

Intellisoft is an SES founded in June 2015 that develops mobile applications, especially for guiding visitors in museums. Similar actions may be achieved either with mobile applications (iOS and Android) or the Epson intelligent glasses. The location is reached by GPS (for outdoors), along with the compass. All modern devices have these features, including the smart glasses. For indoors, there are used specific location techniques (for ex. triangulation). In special cases, the application can read barcodes or QR codes. Also, there are image recognition packages, which is another way for location tracking. The system can specify precisely its location and it can provide information and multi-media relative to the target or exhibit.

At the moment, major museums have an information system that uses some records stored in devices similar to mobile phones, but they are much larger. The visitor types in the exhibit number, and the receiver can listen to information about the exhibit. In comparison with other apps, our solution is much easier, more accessible and richer in terms of media. The application will be installed on the smart glasses or it can be downloaded (for a fee) from Google Play or the App Store, directly on the visitors' mobile phone.

We target especially museums that have both indoor collections (art museums, museums biology, etc.) or outdoor collections (archaeological sites, caves, nature reserves etc.).