Isidoria Grades management system

Schools that ask for our services prove their concern towards his students and their will to keep close and open ties with their parents. The heads of these units know that the value and prestige are supplied primarily by academic performance of students who study in these schools.

Advantages for using a grades management system:

  • - Permanent connection between school and family, a better collaboration between those directly involved in the educational development and training of future generations.
  • - Increasing the responsibility of the student and thus reduce school absenteeism.
  • - Ensuring transparency and improving school image by highlighting your current activity and involvement of teaching staff.
  • - Facilitation of obtaining reports with statistical character, school activities and their quantification.
  • - Facilitating timely preparation of transcripts and any data on the student's school situation (graduations etc.).
  • - Centralization school situations at your unit.
  • - Parental control over the evolution and school activity of children.
  • - Automatic adaptation of the application to linguistic characteristics of national minorities, in accordance with the Hague recommendations and directives OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities.
  • - Informing parents via email and SMS informing parents when their children get bad grades or have unexcused absence.
  • - Alignment of your unit to the modern European educational trends.

The proposed solution is based on a series of research at national, European and global level, regarding:

  • - Parent-school relationship
  • - Parental involvement in children's education
  • - Continuously educating parents

The technical proposal

The operating principle is at hand for all users: teachers add grades, absences and observations on the evolution of pupils, that parents receive by email or SMS, while having the opportunity to view online the pupil's situation. This allows parents a better interaction with the teachers, even if they are abroad to work or are busy with their job in the country. Parents, in turn, can send messages to their children's teachers. In this way it achieves what every teacher wants:

  • - better parent-school connection
  • - reducing school absenteeism
  • - increasing the educational level in the family

The software can be hosted, depending on your preferences:

  • - on HOLISUN’s servers, without any costs
  • - on a server that belongs to the Ministry of Education
  • - on a server that belongs to the county inspectorate

In conclusion, we suggest implementing an online grades management system in your school unit due to the net advantages that it shows:

  • - The alignment of your unit to European educational standards;
  • - School data centralization at your unit level;
  • - Improving parent-school relationship;
  • - Reducing school absenteeism;
  • - Improving education within the family;
  • - A significant improvement of Romanian school education image