Touristic sights



IntelliTourism is an interactive application with the role of identifying through GPS the main attractions of the region of interest, providing relevant information to visitors. The real impact is for tourists and locals, who thus, have the opportunity to do research on their points of interest (including the working schedule of the public institutions).


Technical solution

  • - The application works on mobile phones, tablets and any other mobile device that runs Android OS or iOS
  • - The application is designed to identify via GPS or printed codes (QR codes or barcodes) the main touristic sights in town
  • - Each touristic sight will have, at the entrance, a board with a QR code or a barcode
  • - After reading the barcode or based on GPS coordinates and compass, the app will make a presentation of the elected touristic sight (a short history, general information, etc.)
  • - The presentation will include pictures, text, video etc
  • - If the tourist wants to visit that touristic sight, the app will play the role of a tour guide (each element inside the museum, will have a barcode. Based on the QR code, the application will identify the touristic sight and it will make a short presentation)
  • - The application will provide information on the amount of fees for sightseeing, the main means of transportation to sights
  • - The application will provide information on the next touristic sight to visit (eg. the nearest)
  • - Besides the information about the sights, the application will guide persons that are briefly in town, (eg. for business) on targets of interest
  • - All touristic sights related data will be stored on a server and the application will access them via the Internet
  • - The application will be available for download on ATU's websites and on Google Play respectively AppStore