Our pulse is given by regularly inflating and deflating arteries as a result of heartbeat.

Did you know that the pulse can be measured in any place that allows the artery to be very close to the bone, such as the wrist?

Pulse rates can reveal important data about the health of a person, which is why most doctors recommend periodic measurement thereof.

The maximum value of the pulse is calculated depending on age, using the formula: max = 220 – age.

The normal frequency of the pulse for an adult at rest is between 70-80 beats per minute, but these limits can be easily influenced by emotional states.

Pay attention to the pulse rate when:

• it exceeds 100 beats per minute at rest
• it is below 60 beats per minute at rest
• it is very high for more than a few minutes
• it is irregular
• it is difficult to detect after many attempts (can be caused by arterial blockages, cholesterol deposits)

As a providers of innovative solutions, Intellisoft comes to help those who want to be able to monitor their pulse with a revolutionary software, consisting of remote monitoring of vital parameters of patients.


- Smartphone (Android 4.3 or higher)*
- Smartwatch (Android 4.4 or higher)*

*To use this app, you need both devices.


The demo application has the following functions:
• It measures pulse at fixed time intervals;
• It has the option to customize the recommended pulse limits;
• The watch vibrates when the pulse is not within specifications;
• It sends notifications if the watch cannot be detected on the wrist;
• Available languages: Ro / En;
• It runs continuously in background;
• It shows the measured value on the phone;
• It sends notifications at each measurement.

The Pro application:
• It measures the pulse at intervals set by the user;
• Contains GPS tracking;
• It enables data recording for contact person in case of emergency;
• In case of trouble, the application sends emergency SMS alerts to preset contacts in applications, specifying the current location and contact information;
• It has the possibility of export the history of measured values in a format that can be easily accessed;
• It sends live notifications with the last measured values;
• It sends notifications if the watch cannot be detected on the wrist;
• Available languages: Ro / En;
• It has the option to personalize the pulse limits;
• It runs continuously in background;
• It has a history that shows all the measured values;
• It doesn’t contain advertisements.

What is the difference between our app and other apps that measures the pulse?

The user feels secure knowing that his vital signs are monitored and our system can alert the emergency services or the emergency contact person who can aid the user. Nowadays even one second makes the difference between life and death.

Where you can find the application?

Currently the application is in beta release, the demo can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

What distinguishes the Pro version of the demo?

The Pro version comes with new features such as: user tracking via GPS and data registration for contacts in case of emergency. Also, in case of a problem, the application sends SMS alerts to emergency services and contacts preset in the application, specifying the current location and contact information.

What's next?

We are currently working to develop a system for alerting people in the immediate vicinity of the user, system that is based on interconnecting devices which use this application. Our priority is the safety of the user.


We propose that by the end of 2016 we can launch the final version on the market.